Kidsreach Testimonials

Words of Support

“What a delightful time our family has had attending your shows! When my husband was first diagnosed with brain cancer we didn’t have the money for extra outings of any kind. Our daughter was so disappointed because she loves live performances – ballet, symphony, musicals, theatre, all of them. Your generosity made it possible for us to attend live performances as a family in a setting that was just the perfect size for my husband. He was so exhausted with radiation treatments that going to one of the big venues with a large crowd seemed overwhelming to him at that time. And it was absolutely not in the budget! Your setting and the shows were perfect for all four of us! After a performance our daughter told me it was the best day ever because it allowed us to be a normal family again. She said, “I even forgot all about Dad’s cancer while we were at the performance.” – Wonders & Worries Family

“As a deployed service member in Al Asad Airbase, Iraq, I had the privilege and honor to participate through a video tele-conferencing in a summer camp that produced “Beauty Lou and the Country Beast”. My family and I are humbled and thankful for this opportunity that united us service members with our loved ones and our community.  – Richard Santos, 1st LT U.S. Army   

“We love bringing our first graders to One World Theatre every year for the “Books Brought to Life” program. The magic of the theatre performances in an enchanting atmosphere stirs the magic of our students’ imaginations. The background information was extremely helpful. I plan a literary unit to tie the program we are seeing into our curriculum and your packet was perfect for that. We are still reading “Nate the Great” books because my class is now totally hooked. Some of them are now branching out into other mystery series. I didn’t realize how powerful the connection would be for my kids until they left the theatre singing and dancing on the way to the bus. After the “Nate the Great” field trip, one of my kids has started spending his allowance to buy the books, and there has been a run on “Nate” books in the school library. Our 1st graders were inspired to learn more because of their experience at One World – thank you!” – Carolyn Crouchet, LTISD

As a teacher at Capitol School of Austin, a school for children with learning differences, I always choose the programs offered at One World Theater over the other options offered in the Austin area.  They have consistently been of the highest quality and in the most wonderful setting.  Our kids can’t wait to go to each show! – Sharon English, M.A.

“Thank you so much for providing our CASA kids with the opportunity to see such a great show at such a beautiful venue! I have already spoken to a few of our volunteers and they said the event was incredible, and the kids had fun too (by gurung)! 🙂 Please accept my sincerest gratitude, as this is a rare treat for our kids!” – CASA of Travis County, Inc.

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